The Feetness Centre – Cardiff

The human body is complex and amazing, and should be treated with a great deal of respect. So why do most of us take it`s complex functions totally for granted until parts of it start to go wrong?

This also applies to our feet, and at some time in our lives most of us will experience a variety of problems.

At The Feetness Centres we believe that the feet are very much taken for granted and we all should be giving them a lot more attention to ensure they remain in a healthy condition.

Podiatry Cardiff

Podiatry in Cardiff

All podiatrists aim to promote mobility and quality of life in their patients by looking after their feet. They’re specially trained to resolve common foot problems by providing not only treatment but also sound advice on how to look after feet and on the most suitable types of footwear. They can treat and relieve, if not cure, most common foot problems.

Chiropody Cardiff

Chiropody in Cardiff

As an extremely hard working part of our bodies, our feet have a tremendously hard life from the first time we learn to walk. In fact, during your lifetime, assuming you are moderately active, most people will take well in excess of 200 million steps. It’s hardly surprising then that more than 75% of people develop foot ailments at some point in life.

Looking After Your Feet

A regular visit to one of our South Wales Feetness Centres will ensure that your feet stay in `Tip Top condition’. After all you regularly visit the Dentist, the Opticians, so why shouldn’t you add a Podiatrist on to your regular check up list.

Joya – The Worlds Softest Shoe!

Do you have pain in your Feet? Knees? Back? Joints?  Come and experience if Joya can help you.

Why Use The Feetness Centres?

  • We have 25 years experience
  • Air Conditioned Surgeries
  • Podopaediatrics (Childrens) Specialists
  • Easy Access/Parking
  • Credit/Debit Cards Accepted