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Chiropodists Cardiff offering chiropody services at competitive prices. If you are suffering problems with your feet, we are here to help. Our chiropodist services cover a wide range of foot problems and we can diagnose and recommend the right treatments for you. With chiropody clinics across South Wales, including Cardiff, Pontypool and Usk, we help people across South Wales get their feet back into top condition. To book an appointment call us or visit us at one of our clinics.

What is Chiropody?

Chiropody is the treatment of feet, and ailments affecting the feet. Here at The Feetness Centres in Cardiff, we offer a full service of treatment for all of the many issues that can affect our feet throughout life.

As an extremely hard working part of our bodies, our feet have a tremendously hard life from the first time we learn to walk. In fact, during your lifetime, assuming you are moderately active, most people will take well in excess of 200 million steps. The more active you are, the more you increase this count. It’s hardly surprising then that more than 75% of people develop foot ailments at some point in life.

What we do know is that an astonishingly high number of those individuals will wait until they are suffering from an ailment before having their feet checked out. This can cause the problems to be more severe, and more difficult to put right again. Here at The Feetness Centre, we recommend that everyone have their feet checked on a regular basis, as you would with dental or eye care. Over time, we have found this to be the most effective way of picking up on problems and stopping more complex problems from developing.

Chiropody treatments

We offer a wide range of chiropody treatments to treat foot conditions and prevent ailments from occurring.

So, what can go wrong with your feet, if you aren’t keeping a regular eye on them?

The answer is an enormous number of conditions can occur. Some you will have heard of, and others you won’t. We are fully experienced in all areas of chiropody, and our trained chiropodists are the best in the business. From verruca, corns, ingrowing toenails, fungus nails and athletes foot, all the way to bunions and calluses we can treat every possible condition professionally and sympathetically.

The best way to treat most of these things is to catch the conditions as early as possible. Things like in growing toenails can be extremely painful and troublesome, and if left to the last minute can lead to surgery being required, and a very painful wait for that to take place. When we assess your feet regularly, we do a full examination and catch these things before they get to the point of invasive action being required to correct the problem.

Local Chiropodists

If you are looking for a local chiropodist why not give us a call today? We have chiropody clinics across South Wales including Cardiff, Newport, Usk and Pontypool.  Call us and one of our friendly staff will arrange an appointment to come and see us at a convenient time. We believe the best cure is prevention.