Corn Treatments in Cardiff

A corn is a lump that forms to prevent injury to skin that is continuously squeezed, cramped, or chafed. Hard corns (also known as heloma durums) usually form on the tops of the toes, on the outer side of the little toe, and sometimes on the sole of the foot. Soft corns, (also known as heloma molles) develop between the toes, usually as a result of friction due to bone abnormalities. A seed corn is the rarest type of all, usually only appearing on the heel or ball of the foot. It forms a round patch of tough skin which surrounds a blob of cholesterol. They can be extremely irritating, and when inflamed, they can cause pain and discomfort.

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What causes corns?

The most common causes are ill-fitting shoes. They are either too tight, too loose or simply unsuitable. As a nation who naturally loves high heels, corn complaints are common. We spend two thirds of our day on our feet and they are subjected to much stress and strain when they are constantly pinched and pressured. Prevention is always better than a cure so it’s wise to be shoe savvy. It’s important to buy shoes that provide ample toe space and it helps when we have our feet properly measured in length as well as width. Sadly, we don’t often adhere to these rules, so corn treatment and corn removal measures are called for. As well as ill-fitting shoes, the way you walk can also cause corns.

Should I seek corn treatment?

Corn treatment should ideally be sought from a reputable Podiatrist, especially when the area begins to discharge pus or a clear substance. With so much wear and tear and pressure on our feet, small cuts and grazes can cause infection. With a variety of products on our shelves that encourage home treatments, it’s possible to confuse excess, rough skin with something else like a wart or a callus. Plasters, paint and other removal medications usually just treat the surface symptoms, so they tend to return time and time again. Corn removal should always be carried out by a professional Podiatrist or Orthopaedist.