Ingrown Toenail Treatments In Cardiff

An ingrown or ingrowing toenail can be extremely painful. It occurs when the skin on the side of a toe is pierced by the nail as it grows. The skin can become red, infected, swollen and very tender. As the inflamed toe presses against the inside of shoes, things worsen and can cause a build-up of pus or blood. The big toe is most commonly affected and it can be on one side or both sides of the nail.

Causes Of Ingrowing Toenails

1. Often ingrowing toenails are caused by the biomechanical problem which changes the way you walk, putting extra pressure on the sides of your nails.

2. In many cases it is the way your nails have been cut. Podiatrists always recommend that nails are cut straight across. If you feel there is a need to cut down the side of a nail then our advice is that you need to see a Podiatrist/Chiropodist.

3. Tight or inappropriate footwear is also commonly a cause or aggravating factor of this condition.

4. Nails that have been damaged can also cause this condition. When nails are damaged they tend to thicken which can cause extra pressure especially in shoes.

How To Treat Ingrowing Toenails

There are a number of things you can do to ease your ingrown toenails at home. Cutting your nails straight across and wearing well-fitting shoes. For infections that do not clear or recurring conditions, a visit to a trained Podiatrist is advisable. Serious infections can occur and there may be the need for minor surgery, so book an appointment sooner rather than later.

What Will A Podiatrist Do?

After a thorough inspection, you will be offered ingrown toenail treatments to suit your individual circumstances. It may be necessary to carry out a partial toenail avulsion – which means to remove just the edges of the nail, and on rarer occasions it may be necessary to remove the whole nail (total nail avulsion). A chemical (Phenol) will then be applied to the area to prevent regrowth of the nail. As the area heals the gap that is left by removal of the nail will close up and it will not be obvious there is a nail missing.

Following surgery the healing time is around 6 weeks. We recommend that you have, if possible, a few days off immediately after the procedure to assist with the healing.

Partial and Total nail avulsions are minor surgical procedures which are carried out under local anaesthesia.