Joya Shoes

We sell award-winning Joya Shoes which help promote a healthy gait, meaning there is less stress and strain on your body. Joya shoes feature a patented technology that supports your natural movement and their design can assist with biomechanics and help reduce the possibility of repeated injury. We supply the entire collection and can recommend the best option for your unique needs. Visit the Feetness Centres to find out more and place an order.

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Certified and Recommended

Joya shoes are certified and recommended by many organisations including the Association Forum Healthy Back – Better Living, and the Federal Association of German Back Schools. The shoes are praised for their soft sole, biomechanical muscle-activating shock absorption and natural support of the foot arch. As a result, these shoes provide relief for the spine and joints, while promoting active walking. Furthermore, their sensomotor effect promotes an upright posture which helps to maintain a healthy back.

chiropodist Cardiff
chiropodist Cardiff
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What Are The Benefits of Joya Shoes?

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Contact The Feetness Centres

To find out more about the Joya shoe collection, or to place an order through us, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02920 482 383. We can assess your needs and recommend the right products to put an active spring in your step!