Podopaediatrics Cardiff

Our Podopaediatrics in Cardiff specialise in keeping children’s feet healthy and can treat and correct early foot deformities, which if left untreated can cause musculoskeletal problems later on in life. If you are worried about your child’s feet, contact us to arrange an appointment for a professional assessment, diagnosis and effective treatment plan.

What is Podopaediatrics?

Podopaediatrics is an area of Podiatry focusing on diagnosis and treatment of paediatric foot disorders and the various problems that can affect a young person’s lower limbs. The role of a Podopaediatric Podiatrist is to diagnose foot deformities in children and to be aware of what is normal and abnormal development of the lower limb.

The importance of treatment

Biomechanical abnormalities if unaddressed can cause structural problems with the feet which can worsen over a period of time. This could cause long term damage to the development of the foot and lower limb. This may lead to severe issues with gait (walking) and pain. This is because the feet of young children are soft and pliable, so abnormal pressures can easily cause the foot to deform.

By correcting early foot deformities many long-term chronic mobility issues can be reduced. As a result, the patient will be spared a great deal of discomfort and pain long term. It is surprising how many children complain of foot and lower leg pain. Usually, the underlying cause can be easily treated with foot orthoses (insoles) and stretching/exercise programs.

What happens during the appointment?

Our friendly and experienced practitioners will ask you and your child about the discomfort they are experiencing. In addition, they may also ask questions relating to medical history. This is to ensure they are aware of any underlying issues prior to any treatment plan being implemented.

Following the initial consultation, your Podiatrist will examine your child’s feet and complete an assessment. After the assessment, a diagnosis can be made. Any recommended treatment plan will be discussed with you and your child.

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Find a Podopaediatric Podiatrist in Cardiff

If you are looking for a Podopaediatric clinic in Cardiff, then contact the team at The Feetness Centres. We have foot clinics in Cardiff, Pontypool and Usk. To arrange an appointment please contact your closest clinic.